Why Hire A Tax Lawyer Over A CPA?

The main reason why you would hire a Tulsa tax attorney over a CPA is because a tax attorney can offer you attorney-client privilege if you are being sued by the IRS. An attorney can also testify on your behalf in your tax case, thus keeping you from testifying.

A CPA and tax attorney are both qualified to help you in whatever your tax situation might be.  Generally, a tax attorney can provide you with a few more details than A CPA can and is much more qualified to help you if you are facing legal problems from not paying taxes.

Tax attorneys are more qualified to give you specific advice regarding your situation. CPA are more qualified to help you if you just have general tax questions. CPA’s are great if you are seeking help for your personal taxes. If you have a business or have gotten behind on your taxes then you need to seek the help of a qualified tax attorney.

Most Oklahoma tax attorneys have experience working with the IRS. This is something that most CPA’s do not have experience working with. An attorney who has a lot of experience working with the IRS will more than likely to be able to help you deal with your certain situation.

There are multiple reasons to hire a Tulsa tax attorney over a CPA. If you are seeking an attorney to help you with your taxes we would like to help you at Hanson & Hanson Law Firm. You can give us a call at (918) 409-0634.


Can You Negotiate The IRS?

The answer is that you can negotiate with the IRS. However, you will probably not like the outcome of it.

There are several ways to negotiate with the IRS. The first way is called “Offers in Comprise.” This is where you will more less negotiate a payment plan with the IRS. It is important to note that most offers in compromise are rejected the first time. You will need to tax lawyer who will be able to negotiate an agreement on your behalf for the IRS. If you attempt to work out an agreement with the IRS yourself you will probably fail.

Many people who seek to negotiate with the IRS regarding their taxes once had a very good job and were making very good income. While they are making a very good income they let their taxes go because of lack of time or maybe they ended in the hospital for a long period of time. Then something happened and their income changed so that they were only making a fraction of what they once were. Then all of the sudden the IRS sends them a tax bill that they can no longer afford to pay.

Without a doubt, the IRS Is willing to work with people in your situations. The worst that can really happen is that you will be forced to file for bankruptcy in order to help cancel your tax debts.

If you are in a situation where you cannot afford to pay off your tax debts you really need to talk to a tax attorney who can help you sort out your tax situation.  Sure, you can look for information on the internet and you can find answers that you are looking for. However, a tax attorney is going to know for more than what you are going to be able to find online. They also are going to be able to know details that relate directly to your situation and help you from that point on.

Many people worry how they will be able to afford a  Tulsa tax attorney if they cannot even afford to pay their taxes. If anything hiring an attorney will most likely enable you to lower your tax burden. Most attorneys will be able to work out a payment plan with you if they think that they can truly make a difference in your tax situation.

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How To Settle Your IRS Debt

If you are looking for a way to pay off your IRS debt you have several choices. However, we recommend that before deciding on a way to pay off of your IRS debt that you talk to a Tulsa tax attorney.

one of the most popular ways to pay off your IRS debt is to set up an installment agreement.  This will allow you to set up a payment plan with the IRS and allow you to pay off your debt in a number of months or years depending on how much you owe the IRS and how much you can afford to pay off.

You could also set up a partial payment installment agreement. This means that you are not paying off the entire amount of what you owe, but you are paying off a partial amount of what you owe. Of course, in order to set this up, you would need to have a tax lawyer work this out for you with the IRS. Depending on what you owe the IRS, you might or might not be able to set this up with the IRS. You would need to talk to a Tulsa tax attorney to decide if this would work for you or not.

There is also a thing called “Offers In Comprise.” This will basically allow you to pay off a lump sum of the payment. However, with an Offer in Comprise, you are not required to pay the total amount of it off. You are just paying a portion of it. You have to qualify in order to pay off your taxes in “Offers In Comprise.” Most people do not qualify the first time, but if you work with a tax lawyer it is very possible that they could help you qualify.

If you are in a bad financial situation (for example you lost your job) and are not currently working then it is possible that you could qualify for a non-collectible status. This basically means that you do not have the means or a way to pay your taxes. You, of course, have to qualify for this as well and yes you will need to talk to a tax attorney in order to help you qualify for a non-collectible status if that is something that you think you can qualify for.

Depending on how much you owe the IRS and how much you are making now it is possible you could file for bankruptcy if you are not making enough to pay off the amount that you owe the IRS. You would need to talk to a Tulsa tax lawyer if to find out if this option is right for you.

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Why You Need To Hire A Tax Attorney

There are several reasons why you might need to hire a Tulsa tax attorney. The first reason is that you have not filed taxes for several years.

There could be reasons why you have not filed taxes for years. Many people might not have filed because they are afraid of how much they owe the IRS.  Maybe you have not filed because life simply got too busy and you forgot to file for an extension. If you have not filed for two or more years then chances are that you will need to talk to a tax attorney before you file for tax returns again.

If you are being audited then you will need to talk to a tax attorney. You will know when you are being audited because you will receive a letter from the Government in the mail explaining to you why you are being audited. Once you receive this letter in the mail you need to start looking for a tax lawyer. Hiring a tax lawyer, in this case, could help get you out of a very sticky mess.

When you are communicating with the IRS you will often times need an attorney to help represent you. If you are a poor communicator then you especially need to be looking for a lawyer who has communicated with the IRS before. A tax attorney who has worked with the IRS understands how they need to be communicated with. They can thus communicate with the IRS through sending letters, emails and phone calls on your behalf. If you are dealing with the IRS and it is possible that legal charges could be filed against you or you are speaking to them purely on a legal matter then it is recommended that you hire a tax attorney who can represent you on your behalf.

If you have been given an inheritance or have been given an estate of some sort it is best that you talk to a tax attorney. They will be able to help you understand what part of it is taxable and what part of it is not taxable. It will also help you determine when and how to pay the IRS for an inherited estate tax.

No doubt if the IRS is suing you then you need to find a tax lawyer who will be able to represent your case.

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How Much Does A Tax Attorney Cost

This answer is going to vary a lot. Without a doubt, different circumstances will mean different cost. However, to have a tax attorney audit your taxes will generally cost between $200-400. This, of course, is for the low-end services. If you are being sued by the IRS for cheating on taxes or you have not paid your taxes for many years it will cost much more.

Most tax attorneys will charge you between $200-400 per hour. However, depending on what part of the country you live in they can charge up to $1,000 per hour. If you are thinking about hiring a tax attorney there is nothing wrong with calling around to several tax attorney’s offices and asking them what their rates are.

Most Tulsa tax attorneys will charge an hourly rate. However, it is possible depending on the service that they will charge you a flat fee. There are standard rates that many attorneys charge for different services. These are just some standard services to give you an idea of how much some typical services will cost.

An IRS audit will generally cost between $2,000-5,000. This will depend a lot on how complex the IRS audit is. For example, if this is for your own personal taxes it will cost on the lower in of that. If you have a large business with hundreds of employees it will cost on the higher end of that and maybe on the much higher end of that depending on how complex the tax audit is.

The “Offers In Comprise” is a service that many people seek out a tax attorney for. Generally, this service is going to cost anywhere from $5,000-7,000. You should always get a quote from your tax attorney to be certain of how much they charge, but this will give you a decent idea of how much it cost.

If you have been sued by the IRS and you are looking at taking your case to court then you are looking at upwards of $10,000. This, of course, depends on many factors, but if you even think your case could end up in Court, you are looking at very large attorney fees.

We advise you to call local Tulsa Tax attorneys to determine what their fees will be for the services that you are seeking.