How Much Does A Tax Attorney Cost

This answer is going to vary a lot. Without a doubt, different circumstances will mean different cost. However, to have a tax attorney audit your taxes will generally cost between $200-400. This, of course, is for the low-end services. If you are being sued by the IRS for cheating on taxes or you have not paid your taxes for many years it will cost much more.

Most tax attorneys will charge you between $200-400 per hour. However, depending on what part of the country you live in they can charge up to $1,000 per hour. If you are thinking about hiring a tax attorney there is nothing wrong with calling around to several tax attorney’s offices and asking them what their rates are.

Most Tulsa tax attorneys will charge an hourly rate. However, it is possible depending on the service that they will charge you a flat fee. There are standard rates that many attorneys charge for different services. These are just some standard services to give you an idea of how much some typical services will cost.

An IRS audit will generally cost between $2,000-5,000. This will depend a lot on how complex the IRS audit is. For example, if this is for your own personal taxes it will cost on the lower in of that. If you have a large business with hundreds of employees it will cost on the higher end of that and maybe on the much higher end of that depending on how complex the tax audit is.

The “Offers In Comprise” is a service that many people seek out a tax attorney for. Generally, this service is going to cost anywhere from $5,000-7,000. You should always get a quote from your tax attorney to be certain of how much they charge, but this will give you a decent idea of how much it cost.

If you have been sued by the IRS and you are looking at taking your case to court then you are looking at upwards of $10,000. This, of course, depends on many factors, but if you even think your case could end up in Court, you are looking at very large attorney fees.

We advise you to call local Tulsa Tax attorneys to determine what their fees will be for the services that you are seeking.


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