Why Hire A Tax Lawyer Over A CPA?

The main reason why you would hire a Tulsa tax attorney over a CPA is because a tax attorney can offer you attorney-client privilege if you are being sued by the IRS. An attorney can also testify on your behalf in your tax case, thus keeping you from testifying.

A CPA and tax attorney are both qualified to help you in whatever your tax situation might be.  Generally, a tax attorney can provide you with a few more details than A CPA can and is much more qualified to help you if you are facing legal problems from not paying taxes.

Tax attorneys are more qualified to give you specific advice regarding your situation. CPA are more qualified to help you if you just have general tax questions. CPA’s are great if you are seeking help for your personal taxes. If you have a business or have gotten behind on your taxes then you need to seek the help of a qualified tax attorney.

Most Oklahoma tax attorneys have experience working with the IRS. This is something that most CPA’s do not have experience working with. An attorney who has a lot of experience working with the IRS will more than likely to be able to help you deal with your certain situation.

There are multiple reasons to hire a Tulsa tax attorney over a CPA. If you are seeking an attorney to help you with your taxes we would like to help you at Hanson & Hanson Law Firm. You can give us a call at (918) 409-0634.


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