Why You Need To Hire A Tax Attorney

There are several reasons why you might need to hire a Tulsa tax attorney. The first reason is that you have not filed taxes for several years.

There could be reasons why you have not filed taxes for years. Many people might not have filed because they are afraid of how much they owe the IRS.  Maybe you have not filed because life simply got too busy and you forgot to file for an extension. If you have not filed for two or more years then chances are that you will need to talk to a tax attorney before you file for tax returns again.

If you are being audited then you will need to talk to a tax attorney. You will know when you are being audited because you will receive a letter from the Government in the mail explaining to you why you are being audited. Once you receive this letter in the mail you need to start looking for a tax lawyer. Hiring a tax lawyer, in this case, could help get you out of a very sticky mess.

When you are communicating with the IRS you will often times need an attorney to help represent you. If you are a poor communicator then you especially need to be looking for a lawyer who has communicated with the IRS before. A tax attorney who has worked with the IRS understands how they need to be communicated with. They can thus communicate with the IRS through sending letters, emails and phone calls on your behalf. If you are dealing with the IRS and it is possible that legal charges could be filed against you or you are speaking to them purely on a legal matter then it is recommended that you hire a tax attorney who can represent you on your behalf.

If you have been given an inheritance or have been given an estate of some sort it is best that you talk to a tax attorney. They will be able to help you understand what part of it is taxable and what part of it is not taxable. It will also help you determine when and how to pay the IRS for an inherited estate tax.

No doubt if the IRS is suing you then you need to find a tax lawyer who will be able to represent your case.

If you live in the Tulsa area then we recommend that you cannot Hanson and Hanson Law firm at (918) 409-0634.


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